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How to copy partition

There are three ways to start the Copy Partition function:

1. Click Partition > "Partition Copy Wizard".

2. Select Partition, Click "Partition Copy Wizard" in "Wizard" action panel on top left.

3. Right-click the partition, click "Copy".

This function can help you to copy the selected partition to the free space (Unallocated) of any disk. Target disk can be the disk containing the selected partition or a different disk.

Difference between method 1/2 and 3 above

By method 1 or 2, running "Partition Copy Wizard", you need to select which partition you want to copy, and then select the target Unallocated space.

By method 3, you just need to select target Unallocated space.

If there is no Unallocated space, the "Next" button is grayed out.

Two Copy Options

Copy partition

Space requirement

By first choice (Copy Partition Quickly), the Unallocated space should be larger than the used space of the source partition.

Advantages of this option:

1. Copy much quicker.

2. Requires less partition space.

By second choice (Sector-by-Sector Copy), the Unallocated space should be larger than the entire size of the source partition.

Advantages of this option:

The target partition is absolutely the same as the source partition.

How to copy partition?

Step 1, after selecting a copy method, click "Next", and then select an Unallocated space.

Select unallocated to copy

Step 2, Select partition type, drive letter, you may also change the target partition size by dragging the left or right border.

Change partition size

Click "Finish", this operation will be added to "Pending Operations" panel, click "Apply" button to proceed.

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