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How to extend system partition

To extend system partition, you just need to drag and move on the disk map to shrink a data partition, and then add the free space to system partitition, no need to delete or reformat partitions.

If the system partition is NTFS, you can extend it without rebooting to save time.

How to extend system partition without data loss?

Resize partition

Step 1: Select Partition D, drag the left border rightwards to shrink it, after that, the Unallocated space will be created behind the system C drive.

Shrink data partition

Step 2: Select drive C, you'll see the Unallocated space that is displayed at the end of drive C, drag the right border rightwards to hold the Unallocated space.

Extend system partition

Step 3: After step 2, the Unallocated space that shrank from partition D has added to drive C, click Apply to proceed.

Partition resized

You can extend system partition by shrinking any data partition, but to nonadjacent partition, you need to move the partitions.

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