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Why select Partition Magic Server to manage your Server disk partitions

Reason 1 All-in-one Partition Solution

Full featured partition maintenance solution for home Server and enterprise users. All your partition and disk maintenance requirements can be fulfilled by one single software with reasonable price. (Read More...)

Reason 2 Enhanced Data Protecting - No Data Loss

All editions integrated Enhanced Data Protection technology, which protect your system and data during partitioning process without losing data.

Reason 3 Extend NTFS system partition without rebooting

Hot Resize enables you to extend NTFS system partition to maximize the performance of your computer and without rebooting the computer when enlarging the space of the system partition.

Reason 4 Competitive Price and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Reduce your system maintenance cost with reasonable price and 30 days money back guarantee. Unlimited edition is a big saving for enterprise users; it allows unlimited usages within company to save time and money.

Reason 5 Easy to use & user-friendly interface

No professional assistance or experience in using Partition Magic required. Just drag and move on the disk map to repartition disk drive.

Reason 6 Fast/Free Technical Support & Fast Live Support

Customers can enjoy a free lifetime prompt assistance from highly qualified engineers of Partition Magic Server Support Team. Live Support helps you solve problem much faster.

Reason 7 Free Download & Free Lifetime Use

Once you purchase, you are licensed to use it for a lifetime. If you lost your program due to computer crash or any other reasons, free re-download is available.

Reason 8 Trustworthy

Microsoft, Dell, IBM, HP, Kodak, Oracle and many other Fortune 500, Governments, Universities are all our clients. You can rely on our products, because we are professional in the partition manager field and offers advanced and convenient solution for Enterprise users to maximize the performance of their computers.

Reason 9 Multiple Storage Media Supported

Internal/External hard disk, USB stick, Microsoft Virtual Machine VHD, VMware virtual disk VMDK, Hardware RAID virtual disk are all supported.

Reason 10 Additional discount for Academic, Non-profit, Government users

Though our products are almost the lowest price, we still provide additional discounts for Academic, Non-profit, Government users.

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